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Who am I

I have spent the last 23 years working as a Product Leader, Mentor, Professional Coach and Enterprise Agile Coach in partnership with organisations of all sizes and in every phase of the product lifecycle, from Post-it notes to profit, with a particular focus on developing innovative products and services in a user-centric way.

I’m passionate about product and service design and developing and delivering a greater balance between business and user outcomes from the digital products and services I create or support. I am a practitioner, mentor and coach in agile and product management, a ProKanban Trainer, and as I have a full-stack development background, a data and analytics specialist.

I have coached and consulted on multiple agile and digital transformations, led many cross-functional product teams and supported tens of organisations moving from a project to a product-centric mindset and ways of working. I believe in leaving a legacy of increased capability in my teams.

You will still find me building product strategies, products and product teams that create and deliver value early and often for clients and their customers. I frequently lead in defining new and innovative digital propositions based on discovery-generated insights. My focus is always on delivering value early and often, managing flow from end to end, and iterating the proposition and the outputs of my team’s process based on honest user feedback.

My other passion is sharing ideas, new frames of reference and thinking, digging into and generating valuable options or solving problems, and swapping stories that inspire and support my mentoring clients to reach their fullest potential – in short, I work with individuals, partnering with them on their way to thrivving.


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What I Do


Mentoring is a powerful development tool that can help you advance your professional goals and aspirations. As your mentor, I will listen, dig into problems or opportunities, ask questions, and offer advice, encouragement, and support.

A mentoring relationship doesn’t need to be a long-term commitment; even a one-time conversation can have a positive impact. I can help you identify new opportunities, explore new ideas, open your mind to new approaches and frames of reference, and advise you on how to navigate your workplace and get what you want.

Could mentoring be an essential missing component in your journey to achieving your professional goals? Book a 30 minute session below to explore if mentoring could help you.

Workshop Design & Facititation

Let’s be honest – no one wants another workshop in their schedule, but we all want the outcomes that a great workshop generates! This means we need to start with what we want to achieve together in the room and map what we will do to achieve those outcomes. I design and deliver outcome-centric workshops.

Or maybe you need someone independent to run your next retrospective or a facilitator for that two-day kick-off meeting that’s coming up, and you don’t yet have a plan; maybe you need a facilitator for a four or five-day Design Sprint?

Whenever you want to bring people together to achieve something, and you want the delivery to be impactful, then I can help. And that might or might not include the use of Lego Serious Play 🙂

Product & Agile Coaching

As an agile coach, I work with organisations, teams, and individuals to help them adopt agile practices and methods while embedding agile values and mindset to foster more effective, transparent, and cohesive teams and enable better outcomes.

As a Product Coach, I am a subject matter expert on the development of Product Managers and Product Teams, helping them discover problems worth solving for customers and users, building the ‘right things’ and helping to get ‘things right’ with best practices, tools, and processes.

Whenever you need an experienced practitioner to work along the entire length of the end-to-end product lifecycle while leaving a legacy of increased capability in your teams, then I can help.

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What people say

"Paul is a very experienced agile product development manager and a great guy to be around and to work with. He spurs his team on to try out new and different ways to solve problems, encouraging everyone to experiment and to learn. At the Innovation lab, he was concerned to find the most suitable blend of lean, agile and user-centred design to suit the product and development conditions. Paul showed me how to run a Google Design Sprint, pointed me to loads of great materials and tools and indulged me in many an hour reviewing our various experiments to figure out how we could be smarter. It is refreshing to work with a product manager who has such a strong drive to create products in an innovative way..."

UX Design & User Research Lead, LexisNexis International

"Paul is one of the strongest product practitioners I have had the pleasure to work with. His natural appetite to constantly improve himself means that he consistently offers new perspectives in terms of solving customer problems and in helping other practitioners improve themselves. I would thoroughly recommend Paul if you need someone to shift the focus of a company from a project delivery orientation to a product orientation."

Principal Product Director, Emergn

"Paul is a Product Guy. He never lets go of the most important factor; what the customer needs and has a scientific, not arty, approach to both understanding those needs and then start building stuff to satisfy them. He's a true Agile thinker and practitioner and, because he can articulate the why's and wherefore's passionately and colourfully, is someone I consider a leader in this field. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Paul again."

COO, Centrica Connected Home

"Paul is a very expert product guy, a great collaborator and a calming presence in the team. Paul really shines working on complex problems where there's a policy intent or a social outcome to achieve. I thoroughly recommend working with him!"

Digital Director, Department for Education

"I worked with Paul at GSK where we coached product teams and taught product cohort training sessions together, and he was also my mentor. Paul is a great mentor and a person who really cares about understanding people and how best to help them, and approaches his work using the lens of User Researcher. Paul is a very unique person and is highly thought of amongst the senior leaders for his product knowledge and wealth of experience. He has supported many teams on their agile transformation journey across the Tech business units including Consumer Healthcare, Pharma, Vacancies and Supply Chain. Paul is very reliable, honest, trustworthy and fun person to work with and what makes me him different is that he genuinely cares about helping people to do better and be better and cares about making a positive difference."

Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager, GSK

"Paul is one of those rare creatures whose curiosity and passion for learning has driven him to an incredible headspace that unifies a number of major items, including Product, UX, and Delivery. Coupled with his learned nature and both depth and breadth of experience, Paul sees the big picture clearer than most. He deeply understands the intersections of UX and Product and is able to work at both tactical and strategic levels. This ability, along with extensive coaching and consultancy experience, means he is amazing to work with and as an advisor. He's the professional's professional, or the consultant's consultant. And he's a wonderful human being with it all, no ego or barbs. Paul is most definitely a strong signal in a Digital world of noise, and I genuinely hope to work together again."

Head of User Research, Big Digital Energy

"I was lucky to work with Paul for a few months when he was a part of an external delivery team working on great.gov.uk. It’s rare to find a combination of deep technical knowledge, product and delivery expertise, and marketing and analytics capabilities in one person, and we really benefited from the contribution that Paul made across these areas. One day he was product and delivery managing the development and rollout of a successful digital marketing campaign, the next he was resetting our Google Analytics goals and suggesting metrics to help digital and marketing teams gain valuable insights. During his time at DIT I learned a lot from Paul and he delivered some great projects. Selfishly, I was really sorry to see him move on to his next role."

Lead Product Manager, GDS

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